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It is time to take control again. Patchd at home empowers you to take control of your health. We allow you to track, store and share your own vital signs and symptoms, empowering you to share your data. Give your doctors the information they need, and track your own vitals to know how your temperature and blood oxygen are changing.

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Patchd at Home allows you to see your clinical grade measurements all in one place, anywhere, anytime. Know whether your temperature is staying high, or your oxygen levels are decreasing, so that when you contact your doctor, you can show them exactly what is going on

Track your health

Know exactly how your vital signs have changed over time. Access the my.patchd.health dashboard from any device or computer and observe trends and patterns. Empower yourself to know exactly how your health has evolved.

Share with your Doctor

When you see your doctor in person or via telehealth, give them the power to make better decisions. Patchd at home stores the data that you collect and allows you to share it with whoever you want. With a single click, you can access your "share code" and give your doctor, family member or close friend the power to make more informed decisions.

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